Your committee members supporting Space for Cycling rally in Oxford

Sun, 23 April, 2017

A fantastic event!  We had nearly 200 cyclists and supporters attend from all over the county, as far afield as Faringdon and Wallingford.

Robin Tucker, Secretary of Cycling UK Oxfordshire and Chair of the Oxfordshire Cycling Network set out the potential benefits of cycling, and the importance of the Oxfordshire County Council in delivering those benefits locally.  Simon Hunt of Cyclox echoed that with an appeal for everyone with an interest in cycling to check which of their local candidates support Space for Cycling and to ‘Vote Bike’.

Robin then introduced nine candidates, representing all four parties currently on the Council, and they each talked about their views of the importance of cycling and how to improve conditions for cycling.  Some focused on the benefits of cycling, like the health benefits pointed out by Suzanne Bartington.  Others focused on the routes themselves, the danger of potholes and the need for high quality tracks separate from motor traffic if we are to realise the full benefits of cycling.

Read about the event in our post-event Press Release Oxfordshire Space for Cycling Event 230417b

Find out which of your local candidates supports Space for Cycling before you vote