Purpose and Strategy

Purpose and Strategy of Cycling UK Oxfordshire

As agreed by our Annual General Meeting on 4th November 2017


Our overall purpose is to encourage more people to go cycling more of the time, both Cycling UK Members and the general public.

Our scope is centred on Oxfordshire, and we will work with other groups and coordinate action across the county.  We also encourage riders and rides beyond Oxfordshire’s borders.

Measures of success

  1. The number of participants in rides and events organised by us, or groups we have founded.  (Measured as per our Annual Return)
  2. The overall rate of cycling in Oxfordshire (Measured by the Sport England Active People Survey, fraction of adults cycling at least once a month)


We will do this by:

1. Creating and supporting Groups

  • We recognise that most people’s riding community is focused around their local group, so the groups are our main point of action.
  • We have a defined role in supporting our Informal Groups (including funding and a conduit to National Office) and also wish to gain better national support for them.  We support these Groups growing over time into Formal Groups.
  • In addition to existing Groups, we have identified the potential for a Cycling UK Group in Banbury and to expand the group in Witney.

2. Helping our members to organise and participate in rides and events with a county-wide appeal

  • We help Cycling UK Members in the county or visiting to find appropriate rides or routes.
  • We will ask and support the local Informal Groups to organise rides and events with appeal to riders across the county.
  • We will ask and encourage local members to develop their own ideas for rides and events with county-wide appeal, and support these where helpful with publicity, Committee support or funding.
  • As a Committee, we will organise a few events that fill clear ‘gaps’ in the plans of other groups in the county.  (e.g. An Annual Century ride)

3. Campaigning for better facilities and more cycling across the county

  • Covering all forms of cycling: encouraging new people into cycling including minority and disadvantaged groups, making it easier and safer for existing cyclists, on-road and off-road.
  • Supporting the Oxfordshire Cycling Network, for example with publicity for the campaign
  • Inputting and responding to issues under our own name
  • Linking with other groups where useful, both cycling and others (for example Local Authorities, walking and horse-riding groups)

4. Supporting other cycling-related activities

  • We may support other cycling groups and initiatives where they are local, non-commercial and non-competitive, and when the Committee believes CyclingUK Oxfordshire has the resources and support of its local members.
  • Any such support is most likely to include connecting people and groups across the county, and help to plan and publicise rides and events that appeal to members in the county.