Measures of Success

Last updated – December 2017

We defined two ‘Measures of Success’ for our Purpose and Strategy.  The first is a direct measure of our success as a cycling group, the second a broader measure of cycling in Oxfordshire.

1. Number of participants in rides and events organised by us, or groups we have founded

(Source: Cycling UK Oxfordshire Annual Returns)

We chose this measure because we wanted the measure that best fit our overall purpose to encourage more people to go cycling more of the time.  Thus we chose to measure the number of cycling experiences that our Group had made possible, not the number of people involved.  We chose to measure the distance covered as this would give too great a weight to the longer rides.

2013/14 rise comes mainly from Wallingford (rides started 2013). 2015/16 rise from Bicester (rides started 2015). 2016/7 Includes Space for Cycling Rally and may be updated when Annual Return is finalised.

2. People in Oxfordshire Cycling at least once per month

(Source: Sport England Active People Survey)

We chose this measure because it is the only measure from a reliable source with a multi-year track record that is available at a county level.  (It is collected at Local Authority level with a sample of about 500 per LA).  However, there can be a long delay between the measure and the publication.

2015/16 will be available around 23 Nov 2017. Confidence interval (95%) for County results is ±2%, so the variations for Oxfordshire are not statistically significant. Confidence interval (95%) for District results is ±3-6%, so the rise in Oxford and drop in West Oxon are significant.