Vote Bike – Which of your candidates support Space for Cycling?

Tue, 2 May, 2017

We have had a great response to our Space for Cycling campaign in Oxfordshire.  At last count, 60 candidates had expressed support for cycling, and 48 of these had registered their support on the Cycling UK ‘Vote Bike’ web page, most with additional comments.

Now you look at our Oxfordshire Candidates Space for Cycling List (3 May 2017 v3) to see which candidates support Space for Cycling and what they said.  (This will be updated if we receive more responses – last update 3 May, 23:30).

Please look up your Division (area) and use this in your decision about who to vote for on Thursday 4th May.  The more cycling supporters on the Council, the more likely we are to see an increase in focus and resources to improve conditions for cycling in the future.  It is possible that your Division is not listed, unfortunately meaning that we have not heard support from any candidates in it.  The list shows:

  • Candidates who registered their support on the Cycling UK Vote Bike web page for candidates to ‘Plan, Invest and Build’ Space for Cycling.
  • Candidates who expressed their support for cycling in some way.  In addition to the above, this includes sending us a message, speaking at our rally, or in a previous campaign.

A full description and list of responses to Cycling UK’s national campaign for the English and Welsh counties is here.