Rides Programme for 2020

Sat, 28 December, 2019

UPDATE: Rides Postponed/Cancelled due to Coronavirus 🙁

We’ve agreed our outline ride programme for 2020. 

This year we are stretching it beyond the Annual Century to a 125 mile (200km) ride.  This distance was popular when we last rode it in 2018, although we hope not to repeat the ‘cafe that said it would be open is actually closed so we have to ride hell-for-leather to the nearest alternative before it closes’ scenario.  We did enjoy our dinner at the pub in Uffington though which restored morale and the balance 🙂

Our planned programme is (full details to follow on our Events pages):

  • 50 miles: 26th April (subject to change)
  • 75 miles: 31st May
  • 100 miles: 28th June, from Wallingford
  • 125 miles (200km): 11th July (Saturday)
  • Other start places to be decided, but one will be Wantage and one will be Witney.

Also note the excellent Audaxes run by local groups (full details at aukweb.net):

  • Poor Student 200km: 4th Jan from Oxford
  • Harliquin Hack 110km: 26th April from Uffington
  • Blowingstone Audax 110km: 10th May from Uffington
  • Midweek Audax 106km: 10th June from Witney Rugby Club