Ride Leader Training

Wed, 20 January, 2016

Ian Murray, Steve Swanton and Martin Casey put together a comprehensive training session on leading a successful ride.  The first training session was held at Islip village hall back in March 2015.  Four members attended and judging from the feedback found it interesting and useful.

Steve talked on the CTC's official requirements and responsibilities of ride leaders while I spoke on the practical side of organising and leading a ride. The session being divided into sections with a short Q & A session after each section. After a pub lunch Steve conducted a short ride with participants putting into practice what they hand learnt.

We plan to stick with this format as it seemed to work well.

The second training session took place in Wallingford on a Saturday in early November 2015.  7 people attended, 4 from Wallingford and 3 from Bicester.  Unfortunately, because it was very wet and windy, we cancelled the on-road part.

Another ride leader training event will be held in the Bicester area in early 2016.  Please send a message to Ian or Steve if you would like to come.  (Email addresses and phone numbers are on the 'About us' page).