Le Tour de Farcycles 2019

Sun, 19 May, 2019

Saturday 27th July 2019, Faringdon

THREE amazing rides:  

  • The Gentle Challenge – 35 miles of rolling Cotswold countryside that is just enough to stretch someone looking for a first event. It is also the choice for regular cyclists to have a social meander through some of the region’s prettiest villages. The route is also perfect for families who would like to enjoy a day cycling together.
  • The Full Monty – 70 miles taking in some hillier terrain that will stretch regular cyclists with a big hill or two, while still enjoying the archetypal Cotswold scenery.
  • The Epic Test – 100 miles that starts off in the Berkshire Downs and travels alongside some of the fabled Lambourn racehorse gallops … most atmospheric if you find yourself in the morning light pacing yourself with these magnificent steeds. This ride joins the Full Monty for the last 70 miles and is the perfect route for those looking for a challenging, rewarding day out.