Helping Key Workers get a bike with Windrush Bike Project

Fri, 17 April, 2020

Windrush Bike Project is refurbishing bikes for key workers, particularly those who work in the NHS and Care Homes.  They normally refurbish bikes, but they have stepped-up activity to meet higher demand and are coping with the challenges of social distancing in a small workshop.  Last week they provided 13 keyworkers with bikes, 7 from stock and 6 refurbished.  But they have a waiting list of 39 key workers in Oxfordshire looking for a bike for travel to work!

This is where we ask for your help: to continue this project they need more money, bikes and tyres.

  • Money is needed for parts, lights, locks and workshop supervision – please give on  Windrush’s Paypal Donation Page
  • Bikes are needed to pass on or refurbish – given the strain in the workshop these need to be bikes that can be ready and safe to ride with a few hours work (not a few days!)  If you think you know a suitable bike, contact Windrush or send a photo to
  • Tyres – particularly hybrid/road tyres that fit mountain bikes (26″) as they get many of these bikes with knobbly tyres that they like to convert.  Again, contact Windrush to arrange a safe drop-off.

We are donating some money from Cycling UK Oxfordshire funds to support this valuable project.  We encourage our members to support it further if you can.